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At the Chiropractic Clinic I have always received professional, knowledgeable and very effective treatment for my degenerative lower back condition. All the therapists and staff are friendly and kind. The newly built clinic provides a clean and pleasant setting in which to receive the excellent care provided..


Dr Jane W, General Practitioner, Dorridge

I first attended the Clinic in 2004 following a bout of sciatica.  John Lange treated the condition and my back problems went away.  10 years have a now passed with no reoccurrence of my problem.  Regular bi-annual visits have kept my back in a ‘workable’ condition.

Bryan W, Retired, Solihull

After visiting the practice in July, when I was unable to walk without the aid of a stick, the chiropractor immediately recognised worrying symptoms.  Unfortunately she was unable to treat my condition but set the wheels in motion for me to have an urgent MRI scan and a Consultant’s appointment.  This was followed by an operation at the QE on the NHS and I was out of hospital and walking unaided within nine days from my appointment with her. I was so impressed I recommended her to my wife and a friend who have both had appointments.

Peter S, Engineer, Solihull

John has been treating me for a number of years following lower back problems.  He has solved all of my problems and although I have relocated to Nottingham I retain complete confidence in his skills both technical and in his understanding

Bryan S, Retired, Nottingham

I have been coming to John Lange on and off for the last 3 years regarding a problem with my neck. I have even brought my 15 year old daughter, as she has also suffered from neck and back pain. Each time, I have been so impressed with the instant results and the kindness and professionalism shown to us by John, and could not recommend him highly enough to anyone in need of a chiropractor. I would just like to say thank you so much for fixing me again and for being so lovely.

Liza H, Sales Rep, Shirley

Great approach and having had chiropractic throughout my professional rugby career this practice is as good as any previous treatment.  They recognise and deal with the problem, whilst explaining why it happened..

Oliver N, Material Engineer, Meriden

I had spasmodic, sickening pains in my arm, shoulder and neck for a long time which I had assumed was caused after a fall and was reluctant to go to a Chiropractor as I was afraid I had damaged my spine.  Angelika Durrant gave me a thorough examination and determined that my spine was fine, quickly putting me at ease.  She was then committed to finding the cause of my problem which she did.  After a few visits the improvement was remarkable.  I would recommend Angelika without reservation and urge anyone in pain to make that appointment sooner rather than later.

Marion T, Autocad Technician, Birmingham

I had been in bed for 2 months with 2 prolapsed discs in my lower spine.  My back was in spasm and my one leg was about 12 inches shorter than the other.  After waiting for a NHS appointment to no avail, Mr Lange treated me and the results were amazing.  I hadn’t been able to walk or care for myself and within 6 weeks I was back to work.  I have continued to have treatment for longstanding neck and back problems over the years and always leave feeling like a new person.

Rachel McK, French Teacher, Great Barr

I have had neck pain causing headaches and the Clinic has helped me enormously.

Mark T, Manager, Solihull

Came to the practice with shoulder and neck pain after being x-rays found problems and started to put things right.  Felt better straight away and improving week by week with the manipulations and exercise regime. Many thanks.

Gary G, Fitter, Solihull

I wanted quick ‘treatment’ for a very stiff and painful neck.  I also was aware my posture was poor.  Mr Lange helped relieved my symptoms and gave great advice for posture, exercises and hopefully to avoid further problems in the future.  He explained everything he did and was very reassuring where I had anxieties about manipulation.  Great.

Lucy C, GP, Solihull

Came to see Mr Lange with severe back pain and lack of movement.  After only a few sessions by back was 95% cured and the treatment was well worth having.

Steve C, Retired, Solihull

Before coming to the Clinic I could barely complete a whole shift at work, but thanks to the great staff here I’m now in full working order again!  Just in time for the cricket season.  Thank you everyone.

Rory B, Waiter, Solihull

Experienced a huge improvement in back health!  At the start, found it difficult to stand for any length of time, now I hardly think about my back at all.

Cathy P, Chief Technician, Coventry

Walking in, in a great deal of pain to my lower back.  After one treatment, I would say that I was 80% near as perfect as my back should have been. John looked after me well, asked the right questions and was very considerate when treating me. Will go back in 3 months for a check-up, but would thoroughly recommend John for anyone with any joint / muscular issues.  Top marks!

Jane B, Account Manager, Coventry
I had great difficulty in standing straight after lifting an object in the garden.  The pain was quite severe.  I had three visits to Balsall Common Chiropractic Clinic at the GP's surgery and the problem was solved.  This is not the first time this has happened and I have great confidence in the practice.  Thanks to John Lange.
Derek P, Retired, Berkswell
Philip N, Engineer, Burton GreenHaving suffered a stiff and painful neck for many years, after a couple of sessions with John Lange at Balsall Common Chiropractic Clinic I found complete relief.  I’m now on a ‘maintenance’ period of six weeks which is keeping me pain free.  Couldn’t be happier.
Philip N, Engineer, Burton Green
Having had lower back pain for a number of years I came to Solihull Chiropractic Clinic.  Since my treatments have started I have seen a significant improvement in the mobility of my back, the types of movement I can make and an increased time between treatments.  I can’t thank Angelika Durrant enough for the benefits I have experienced, as for the first time in several years this summer I was able to not only sit in the garden, but do some gardening!!  An activity I haven’t managed to enjoy for some time.
Judith M, Analyst, Solihull
I have had a recurring back problem for a few years. Mr John Lange has treated me extensively and I have found him to be extremely knowledgeable and the treatment he has given me over the years has enabled me to keep working as a Tennis Coach throughout this period. I have no hesitation in recommending John and his practice to my clients and friends.
Scott K, Tennis Coach, Solihull
I have been having treatment with Mr Lange over the past 3 years for two separate complaints. My initial problem was ligament damage on right shoulder caused by overstretching (occupational) and a similar problem with the left shoulder after a fall. After massage, ultrasound and much encouragement I now have complete movement again in both joints. I would highly recommend Mr Lange to anyone with similar problems and I am very glad I didn’t use other treatments, including surgery.
Dennis OS, Dental Surgeon, Solihull
Very happy. Helped well with my neck problem will be back every six months for my MOT. Many thanks.
Darren R, Gas Fitter, Sheldon
After 18 months of painkillers on a high dosage, with attending pain clinic and having physio nothing seemed to be improving. Once I had visited the Chiropractic Clinic, after treatment four, once a week over a six week period, I had never felt better. Off the medication, pain free, I would very much recommend to anybody.
Terry C, Chef, Birmingham
After having treatment with John Lange for a back problem as one or two sections of my spine are ‘out of line’ as a result of a road traffic accident many years ago. I find my treatment eases any pain and stiffness I develop and my six weekly visits leave me feeling much younger!! I am 83 years of age.
John F, Retired, Solihull
I have been seeing John Lange for Chiropractic treatment over several years and find the treatments beneficial for my back which sometimes gets strained and also for general MOT which keeps me fit and active for my interests of tennis, golf, running and skiing. I find it helps to nip problems in the bud and is drug free!
Rosemary N, Cookery Demonstrator / Teacher, Dorridge, Solihull

A lower back disc prolapse resulting in excruciating pain in my back and leg left me feeling miserable, snappy and tired almost all of the time. Options were surgery or chiropractic treatment with John Lange. Six months on I am now pain free, I understand my body better and have avoided surgery. I would highly recommend treatment at the chiropractic Clinic as a first port of call for any back problems

Mark K, Quantity Surveyor, Solihull

Chiropractic has enabled me to continue playing rugby into my 40’s despite a long-standing back problem. The treatment is provided in a professional, empathetic manner. John’s treatment has been key to enabling me to continue the active, sporting lifestyle I want to live.

Darren H, Rugby Player, Solihull

I have been attending the clinic and known John since they opened Solihull in 1989. I recently slipped a disc in my lower back and John has helped me with my rehabilitation and I don’t think I could have got through it without him. He even came to my home to see how I was!

Lorna B, Private Secretary, Solihull

Neck pain due to car breaking too fast. Always a good service and a willingness to help. Always go away feeling good.

Michael B, Retired, Solihull

I have been receiving chiropractic treatment for nearly 20 years. Previous to that I was having painkillers and treatment with an osteopath, neither of which were helping. My problem is a slipped disc. Mr Lange has always been very professional and I’ve always received excellent treatment. The newly refurbished clinic is lovely and all the receptionists very helpful and friendly.

Susan L, Farmer, Solihull

I have been a patient of John Lange for many years. The treatment that I have received for my back, hip and leg pain has been second to none and has greatly enhanced my quality of life. I would not hesitate to recommend this patient friendly practice.

Earl I, Car Body Repairs, Solihull

I was diagnosed with a prolapsed disc in my lower back in 1996 and consulted John Lange at that time. I have received ongoing treatment ever since, on a quarterly basis, so that my condition can be property ‘managed’. The treatment, together with the daily exercises John designed for me, has proved to be invaluable, thus enabling me to continue my sporting activities – namely tennis and running – on a regular basis.

Roger O, Insurance, Redditch
Having had increasing pain in my back for some time I was recommended to the clinic by my doctor. During the course of the last few months, I have had a programme of treatment and exercises which have significantly eased my condition.
Richard S, Engineer, Solihull

My chiropractor helps me keep mobile. Osteoarthritis at the base of the spine made things difficult for me. My 4 – 6 weekly visits to John Lange helps me a great deal.

Honorah M, Housewife, Solihull

Neck and shoulder pain. Great service would recommend to anyone to come here.

David O'R, Test Engineer, Lapworth

I recently phoned the clinic for an urgent appointment as I had been in severe pain in my lower back and legs for two weeks. The receptionist was very helpful and gave me an appointment for two days ahead, but within half an hour she phoned me and offered me a cancellation for that day! I have now had two treatments with Mr Lange and felt such great relief after just one visit! I would highly recommend the clinic, as it is a very comfortable and professional environment.

Susan S, Retired, Shirley

For several years I have suffered from recurring bouts of lower back pain due to badly worn vertebrae and several years ago had two prolapsed discs in successive years. Regular treatment by my chiropractor keeps the problem under control and allows me to lead a more active life.

Michael C, Project Manager, Solihull
I was referred to the practice by a back spinal Consultant in May 2010. I have been extremely satisfied in all my dealings with the practice and attend on a regular basis to keep my back functioning properly. Mr Lange always clearly explains what he is going to do and what I need to work on to keep strengthening my lower back.
Ian S, Business Development Manager, Solihull

I injured my back playing club squash over a number of years. The treatment Mr Lange provides me has helped me play again and enjoy a very active sporting life again. Thanks.

Michael S, IT Manager, Birmingham

I have suffered from serious back pain on and off for 40 years. Unfortunately due to a fall some 10 years ago this became quite severe. I have now tried several specialists who have tried various treatments with differing levels of relief. The only consistent relief I have experienced is through the continuous treatment of my visits to John Lange. Frankly at times without that treatment the pain would have been difficult to cope with. Not a solution but most definitely essential relief.

Ann J, Housewife, Shirley

Had problems with pain in right shoulder. Quite severe. After treatment and advice on posture is almost completely resolved.

Dr Dennis O'S, Dentist, Solihull

In recent years I have suffered from recurring neck pain and have received treatment from John Lange at the Clinic. With ongoing treatment scheduled at 4 to 5 monthly intervals, I have found that the level of discomfort has been successfully reduced. I have been happy to recommend the Clinic to my friends.

Colin B, Retired, Hall Green

First class professional care – my back condition is greatly improved and my enjoyment of life and sport greatly improved as a result.

Phil H, Retired, Wootton Wawen

Diagnosed with moderate scoliosis in my lower back I first visited Solihull Chiropractic Clinic in 1996. I have been a patient ever since. I am very grateful to John Lange and his team of practitioners for their high level of care and attention and the personalised treatment I have received which is successfully managing my condition without a reliance on pain killing medication and the need for spinal surgery.

David E, Finance Officer, Solihull

Mr Lange is always my first stop when I have back pain and he can usually work his magic and put things right. As I am 85, if he can help me he can probably help you!

Edna L, Retired, Solihull

I have lost count of the number of times I have crawled into the clinic in agony with backache, only to leave standing upright and feeling so much better.

John H, Web Developer, Solihull

I have had a bad back and neck for over 20 years and have been seeing John Lange for treatment. I feel that without his help I would not be able to play golf, which is my favourite pastime. John provides good advice on all matters dealing with my back and has passed on many golfing tips to help relieve the pressure on my back.

Stephen K, Retired Police Officer, Solihull

I decided to seek out chiropractic treatment after feeling I could not cope with my back pain any longer. My sleep was being affected which was having a detrimental effect in day to day life. The pain was in my lower back and had become uncomfortable to stand, sit or lie down. After an initial assessment and x-ray I began treatment twice a week. I noticed an improvement three weeks after the first treatment. After four months of treatment I progressed to once a week, as the effects had been really effective. I began to sleep much better – no more waking up in pain and my day to day life was greatly improved.
I now visit the clinic once every twelve weeks, my back is so much improved I can’t recommend the treatment enough. My practitioner, John Lange has been very professional, kind and caring through the whole experience.

Carole R, Housewife, Knowle

Treated for sacroiliac joint. My severe pain at first was helped by manipulation and exercises suggested by John Lange – reassured that there was no ‘hip’ issues. Continued massage specific to area helped greatly – ongoing ‘MOT’ treatments help keep problem at bay and allow me to enjoy my skiing activities free from pain. Text reminders for appointments are very helpful.

Sheila W, Retired teacher, Solihull

I suffer with neck and upper back pain resulting in poor mobility and discomfort. John Lange always does a great job to loosen me up and relieve my pain.

Tom C, Security Consultant, Solihull

I have attended the clinic over the past six years for maintenance treatment of lower back pain. I have always been treated professionally, sympathetically and with a friendly manner from all the staff. The treatment and advice I have been given has been first class.

Anne S, Physiotherapist, Knowle
I have suffered from lower back pain for a number of years and despite undergoing a decompression operation I had no relief. My consultant recommended John Lange for the long term management of my condition as opposed to the continued use of painkillers. I also have a broken neck. Since being treated by Mr Lange I have been able to function normally, relatively pain free, even to the point of swimming five days per week without the need of painkillers. I would have no hesitation whatsoever in recommending Mr Lange.
Anthony A, Retired Police Officer, Solihull

Treatment at the clinic for sciatic syndrome has kept the problem at bay for over six years. A highly professional and efficient service which is to be commended.

Frank B, Professor of Chemistry, Selly Oak

I suffered from a slipped disc which happened a number of years ago and as you can see I do a manual job. Thanks to John Lange I still do a full time manual job and live a normal life. I see John on a monthly basis for one session and this keeps me mobile. If I have a relapse John is always there to help me through with a few extra sessions. If it wasn’t for John I don’t know what would have happened to my mobility.

Keith F, Garage Proprietor, Birmingham

Before I met John Lange at Solihull Chiropractic Clinic I had suffered from severe sciatica for over 18 months. The pain in my lower back and down my leg got progressively worse and affected my ability to work and have fun with family and friends. I had tried everything including GP, specialist orthopaedics and osteopaths without success. After just a few visits with John I began to see improvements and within 3 months I had completely stopped taking painkillers. I have now been pain free for over a year. Initially I saw John every week which meant a not insubstantial financial investment. However, it was the best investment into my health and well being I could make and worth every penny. If you, like me, have a stressful job, sit for long periods of time in meetings and cars, and your back does not feel quite right, don’t wait! Make an appointment with John. 

Michelle M, Management Consultant, Solihull

John is brilliant!! When I first arrived I was suffering from depression, was tearful and in a lot of pain in my ribs which I had had for 12 months. John was compassionate and tried to reassure me that he could hopefully help me with the pain in my ribs, which got me thinking more positively. Up to then I had been fed a lot of negativity from the NHS who basically said I had got to live with it and take strong painkillers. On my second visit I had a smile on my face because his kind nature had given me hope and I was feeling much better in myself, but the pain had only slightly changed over the first couple of weeks. Over the next four weeks the pain was reducing significantly each week, and now I had a smile on my face most of the time; which John was also pleased about, he knew he had returned the bright and bubbly me!
Thank you John and to all the friendly staff who work there.

Cathy S, School Crossing Patrol Supervisor, Knowle

A referral by my GP to John Lange for my sciatica proved very useful. Treatment started after a severe flare up and after a few sessions and exercise advice it settled down. Eventually maintenance appointments were all that was required. During this time severe neck pain and stiffness occurred – as a result of moving furniture. This proved to be a longer process – slow but sure. The careful and quiet manner of John in dealing with my neck helps me to relax during treatment. Thanks also to the friendly reception staff.

Mary V, Retired, Solihull
Advanced L3/4 disc degeneration. I embarked upon chiropractic treatment and later physio exercise at Solihull Chiropractic Clinic. I experienced a significant improvement in my condition within three months. The practitioners have been courteous and have tailored treatment to my needs. The site is clean and comfortable. Most importantly, I have learned, with faith in the treatment, to take small steps forward and not to expect miracle cures. Such patience is paying off. With the support of the clinic, I now manage my back condition rather than let it manage me.
Paul W, Management Accountant, Solihull

I have had treatment at Solihull Chiropractic Clinic from time to time for over 15 years. My problem is I love sport, and periodic visits to the Clinic prolonged a rugby career into my 50s, and now at 56 I’m still managing 4 or 5 skiing holidays per year. My long standing medical condition has been neck and lower disc injuries. Early interventions at the Clinic have remedied quite acute conditions, and allowed a quick recovery to continue my sporting activities. On my part I endeavour to keep fit, get to a gym twice a week, and many of the exercises I have been given through the Clinic have assisted in keeping me flexible and active. This summer I climbed Kilimanjaro. This was a 6 day expedition and at nearly 6000 metres, the highest mountain in Africa. Thank you Solihull Chiropractic Clinic for helping me achieve one of my lifetime goals.

Bob A. Chartered Engineer, Solihull.
As a GP and patient I value the care immensely. After twenty years of upper back pain I was out of pain and mobile after two sessions with John Lange. He has given me an 'MOT' each year since and I have no trouble now. After a fall I had quite severe low back pain that I struggled with for six months, silly me, John put it right in three sessions. As a GP I have recommended very many of my patients and all have come back singing their praises. Even my suspicious brother was cured of his long standing neck and shoulder problem in two sessions. He comes from North Wales for treatment. Thank you, keep up the good work.
Dr Denise L, General Practitioner, Sutton Coldfield

I have problems with lower back pain due to collapsed discs. I suffer greatly from this but after visits to the Solihull clinic I am free from pain for quite a few months which allows me to do day to day things that I can’t normally do.

Colin R, Driver, Birmingham
I walked in 6 weeks ago in agony and have now completed my treatment and feel fantastic. Professional treatment works for me. Congratulations Solihull Chiropractic Clinic.
Stephen D, Managing Director, Solihull
I have suffered with sciatic pain which has been greatly relieved by treatment over a number of months and which is now almost a distant memory! I have appreciated the practical approach to a longstanding condition – thank you!
Maria B, Management Support Assistant, Solihul
I’ve been having treatment for a back problem for some time. They sort out the problems each time it ‘flares up’. Very good, very friendly and very professional.
Howard R, Retired Police Officer, Solihull
I have attended Solihull Chiropractic Clinic for a number of years with various conditions – back and shoulder, muscle pain and severe headaches to quote a few! Treatment is fantastic – effective, friendly and very professional.
Barbara G, Lecturer, Solihull
My 30-year-old whiplash injury regularly caused me severe discomfort whenever I was ‘stressed’ but having attended the Solihull chiropractic clinic over the last 3 years, my visits have ensured I now stay pain free. I cannot put into words the relief this has given me.
Sue B, Personal Assistant, Solihull
I have been diagnosed with scoliosis and have had instances of back problems / sciatica. Mr Lange has always provided excellent service in assessing and curing any such problems. Even when I have other muscular / skeletal problems such as rotator cuff, wrist and elbow joints, Mr Lange has again provided excellent service to resolve my ailments.
Gerald H, Software Developer, New Oscott
I have been suffering with headaches for around 16 years. I would take pain killers on a daily basis and often take to my bed during the day to help with the pain. I was recommended various solutions, even wearing glasses, but nothing seemed to help. After mentioning to a friend he recommended I see a chiropractor. Not being sure what they did, or how it works I went along to have a first consultation. That was 6 weeks ago and I have only had three headaches in that time! I saw immediate results and I must say it’s like having a new life, not to mention cheaper! I would recommend anyone to go.
Natasha B. Tennis Coach, Claverdon
Solihull Chiropractic Clinic was recommended to me after a car crash. The pain in my neck and right arm was unbearable and the painkillers were making me feel ill. The relief I felt after my first visit was amazing, I could have cried. After each visit my symptoms improved until I could eventually continue with my every day activities. I was also given some really useful advice about posture and exercises to stretch and strengthen my damaged muscles. I now go 3 – 6 monthly to smooth out any niggles before they become a problem. Wouldn’t be without them!
Heidi T, Registered Nurse, Solihull
I have suffered with back problems for more years than I care to remember and Sarah keeps me going.
Pete J. Retired, Solihull
Having been coming regularly every 3 months for the last 10 years, treatment is always beneficial. Come at various times when back has been in spasm or just stiff. Treatment is painless and worthwhile.
Peter T. Retail Carpet Shop Owner, Solihull
My treatment for back and leg pain has been excellent. I’m greeted in a friendly manner and treated at all times with care and a positive attitude in a professional manner.
Lynne J. Book keeper, Solihull
I have attended Solihull Chiropractic Clinic for a number of years with various conditions – back and shoulder, muscle pain and severe headaches to quote a few! Treatment is fantastic – effective, friendly and very professional.
Barbara G, Lecturer, Solihull
My 30-year-old whiplash injury regularly caused me severe discomfort whenever I was ‘stressed’ but having attended this practice over the last 3 years, my visits have ensured I now stay pain free. I cannot put into words the relief this has given me.
Sue B, Personal Assistant, Solihull
I warmly recommend that practice to you. There was a time I doubted I would ever manage to put my socks on again! John went straight to the root of the problem and diagnosed an ‘S’ shaped spine. I now visit once every 4 months for “routine maintenance”. If I get caught out in-between, I can usually be seen quite promptly.
Andy J, Small Business Owner, Solihull
Ache in upper arms especially when driving. Physio did not appear to help. A few sessions in quick succession by chiropractor improved things dramatically. Very helpful exercises given, plus regular ‘top ups’ about every 2 months with Chiropractor for about the last 8 years or so, have kept ache mostly at bay.
Jane R, Social Worker, Claverdon
I spent 2 weeks in hospital back in 1992 after very severe back pain. At that time I was unable to walk and was given traction and physiotherapy. My condition after discharge was not good, but after visiting Solihull Chiropractic Clinic I had a dramatic improvement. I have been receiving treatment from Mr Lange since then and consider that regular visits have been very beneficial.
Jean P, Retired, Solihull
I had been diagnosed with irritable bowel syndrome and my digestion was badly compromised. I had been experiencing pain on my right side by my waist and upper abdominal central pain and general abdominal tenderness. Within two days of chiropractic treatment by Mr Lange my pain had reduced considerably and I was starting to tolerate a wider range of foods. My migraines have also stopped at the moment.
Sandra G, Retired Health Visitor, Solihull
After 6 years of chronic back pain and countless fruitless visits and advice from GPs and the NHS I was advised to come to Solihull Chiropractic Clinic. In 6 months my back pain is almost completely gone and I am again able to engage in activities that previously were too painful. A fantastic, friendly, professional and well informed staff team have provided exceptional value for money, I would and have recommended them.
Andrew T, Teacher Solihull
I thoroughly recommend Solihull Chiropractic Clinic. Chiropractic enables me to walk and work. I couldn’t manage without it and all for less that the price of a haircut! Thank you.
Yvonne H, Nurse, Earlswood
When I first received treatment at Solihull Chiropractic Clinic I had been unable to work or take part in any hobbies for some time due to my back condition. This left me feeling very down at times. I turned to chiropractic treatment as an alternative to that being offered by my GP as he could only recommend that I took stronger painkillers. I found the clinic to be very supportive and my condition began to improve after only a couple of treatments. All the staff are friendly, professional and caring. I would highly recommend.
Vicky K, College Administrator, Birmingham

I had a recurring back problem for twenty years. Treatment at Solihull Chiropractic Clinic has reduced the pain significantly and it is manageable.

Martin B, Lecturer, Solihull

The treatment was wonderful – feel like a new woman!

Lesley M, Retired, Birmingham
I recently suffered a back injury.  Without delay I contacted Solihull Chiropractic Clinic to arrange an appointment.  I spoke to a very helpful lady on the telephone who booked my appointment for two days later.
 After my consultation and treatment, it turned out to be a torn muscle.  Within a week of my first appointment I was discharged from any further treatment.
Anyone who needs to see a chiropractor, I would definitely recommend this Clinic!
Gaynor K-W, Care Assistant, Solihull
Hi my name is Jim and I suffered with lower back pain for over 6 months, however, after an initial consultation with the Solihull Chiropractic Clinic I was told that I had a trapped nerve and would need treatment every 2 weeks for 2 months, at the end of my treatment my back felt strong and pain free.  For the past few years I have been going to the clinic for treatment to my neck, shoulders, arms, hips and legs and now have no aches or pains, which is a great feeling.  I would recommend the Clinic who offers a professional and friendly service with fantastic results.
Jim S, Engineer, Hall Green
I have visited Solihull Chiropractic Clinic many times now for treatment on my back.  I have always found the staff to be incredibly friendly, polite and professional.  Mr Lange has done wonders for my back condition and I would not hesitate to recommend him to anybody.  Certainly worth a visit.
Teresa P, PR Manager, Solihull
For athree years I have been receiving treatment for the relief of osteoarthritis pain at Solihull Chiropractic Clinic.  The reception is always welcoming and helpful and treatment from John Lange who was recommended to me by my GP, is excellent and reassuring.
Maureen R, Retired Teacher, Dorridge

I was left with severe back and neck problems following an accident.  I was recommended to attend the Clinic by my mother who had praised the service given by David Evans.  I felt cared for from the moment I walked into the practice and John Lange provided excellent treatment and in the worst times, emotional support as well.  Emergency appointments at convenient times were always made available.  I continue to visit the Clinic for maintenance treatment which eases the back problems that are associated with my job.  The Clinic provides a first class service of care, support and excellent treatment.

Kate B, Dentist, Coventry

Fantastic newly refurbished premises – light and welcoming.  Polite, friendly and efficient staff.
As a result of a fall I injured my back and was in a lot of pain. Following John Lange’s first class treatment my back pain is much better.  Thank you John and your team.

Jean C, Retired, Solihull

About 10 years ago, whilst gardening, I damaged my back quite severely so that I was in constant pain and could move and dress and undress only with the greatest difficulty.
Having consulted my GP, a friend recommended me to attend this Clinic.  It was one of the best pieces of advice I had, and have, ever been given.  The cause of the problem was swiftly diagnosed and treatment commenced.  Over the intervening years the chiropractors have kept me active and I am able to travel around (including abroad) and enjoy life, providing I adhere to their advice.
I have always been treatmed with care and consideration, and as an individual and, without exception, have found the receptionists to be most pleasant and helpful.
I can recommend the Practice without hesitation.

Brian H, Retired, Birmingham
I have known John Lange for several years and been most effectively treated by him for neck pain and lower back problems. He is always polite and professional, and I have been happy to recommend him to my patients and my friends.
Dr Lizzie S, General Practitioner, North Birminham

I have been attending the Solihull Chiropractic Clinic for a number of years with lower back and neck pain.  I receive excellent care from my chiropractor and the staff are always welcoming and very efficient.

Angela B, Retired, Woodhall Spa, Lincs

I have been coming to Solihull Chiropractic Clinic for 20 years.  It saved my job and social life.  Would recommend it to anyone with back trouble – give it a try – you won’t be sorry.

Sidney M, HGV Driver, Coleshill

I undertook a course of treatment at Solihull Chiropractic Clinic for tension and lack of mobility in my neck and shoulders.  I learnt that this was due to poor posture and long hours at a computer without a break.  The course of treatment has been invaluable to enable me to change my behaviour to achieve better posture.  Through chiropractic manipulation I have also achieved a reduction in neck and shoulder tension and a greater mobility in these areas. Many thanks to the very professional Solihull Chiropractic Clinic team.

Robbie P, Senior Legal Adviser, Dorridge

I came to the Clinic with whiplash symptoms from a car crash.  The treatment I was given has enabled me to return to almost full duties.  Why should people suffer when there is a helping hand to ease the pain?

Russell W, Supervisor, Birmingham

I first used Solihull Chiropractic Clinic about ten years ago when I had a back problem.  My GP had been treating me for muscle spasm and the treatment he gave me just did not work.  The clinic were very professional and following an initial consultation including x-rays, it was thought that I had bulging discs in my spine.  I received the appropriate treatment and my back has been fabulous ever since.  I am now back for a problem with my neck and I have great confidence that they will sort me out.

Jan B, Retired Police Officer, Solihull
I have been attending Solihull Chiropractic Clinic for several years for MOT treatment on my lower back.  The treatment has always been effectual and undertaken in a very professional way.  The staff are always very friendly and helpful and the recent upgrade of the clinic has greatly improved the ambiance.  I would recommend this practice to any would be patients.
Peter B, Transport Engineer, Birmingham
I was struggling with my lower back carrying around my seven month old baby, but just two sessions with John freed me from all pain. 
Libby P, Director of Building Company and Mother! Alvechurch
Found the problem straight away.  Very professional.
Ian G, Roofer, Knowle
I find a visit to the Solihull Chiropractic Clinic a positive and healing experience.  When I have felt tension or tightness in my back, I have found the treatment offered to be excellent and felt myself renewed.  The centre is a peaceful and calm oasis in a stressed out world.  The staff are always helpful.  You cannot help but benefit from your visit.
Roy B, Hospital Chaplain, Solihull
I have been a patient here on and off, for about 20 years and have always had the best and most helpful treatments.
Dr Philip R, Retired, Solihull
I have suffered for a number of years with lower back stiffness and pain which on occasions had rendered me virtually immobile. I was managing the symptoms with pain killers but without great success. I had tried both physiotherapy and Pilates to relieve the pain but neither was particularly successful. Solihull Chiropractic Clinic was recommended to me by a back specialist. Although sceptical I decided to see if this method of treatment could help my condition. After a thorough examination and course of treatment, I was virtually pain free. I was given practical advice on posture and now manage my condition with regular gentle exercise rather than pain killers. Now, for the first time in many years I’m virtually pain free and a regular treatment keeps stiffness to a minimum.
Nick C, Company Director,Knowle
First visited the Clinic with neck problems – stiff and unable to look over left shoulder or even turn head.  Had tried osteopath with no results, doctor said age related (!) but thankfully, with a short course of treatment at the Northbrook Clinic I am now pain free, flexible and able to pursue a normal lifestyle again.  I was also given exercises to maintain the flexibility.  Would, and have, highly recommended.
Liz P, Retired, Birmingham
I have had lower back pain for many years and have seen many people.  Only since I have been to see John Lange at Solihull Chiropractic Clinic do I feel I am regaining a pain free life again.  Since having treatment with John I have a very active sporting life, something I never dreamt I would do again.  The clinic also has helped with my many sporting injuries I have had too. All the staff are very, very friendly, welcoming and always helpful.  I look forward to my visits.

Sarah C, Health Care Assistant, Hall Green
Trapped nerve in neck - treatment worked quicker than I anticipated.  Sciatica very painful – treatment slow but sure, no quick fix but it really does work.  Highly recommended…. it really works.
Lyn W, Retired, Wythall
Treatment is great.  Feel a lot better.  Thank you.
David R, Curtain Fitter, Solihull
Have been a patient at the clinic for c.20 years with osteoarthritis and have found the treatment to be very effective for both ongoing general maintenance and pain relief when necessary.  I have no hesitation in recommending their services.
Sally B, Secretary, Bentley Heath

I’ve had a wrist and ankle injuries as well as back problems and have always received friendly and effective treatment at Solihull Chiropractic Clinic  for all of them.
Jessica W, Gymnast, Solihull
Treatment for various back/posture related conditions over the past 20 years, has always been excellent and successful. All staff are very caring and friendly which makes the visits as pleasant as possible. I have recommended the clinic to several work colleagues who have had the same good experiences.
Jean K, Personal Assistant, Meriden
I have visited the practice over a period of time with a slipped disc problem. Sarah has done a great job and I am so pleased with the results. Many thanks.
David, H, Self Employed, Solihull

I have suffered from mainly back problems and stiffness in hip and leg joints for many years now, but I have always found that a warm, welcoming atmosphere and courteous and very knowledgeable practitioners make every visit a truly soothing experience!

Ron D, Art Teacher, Hall Green

I suffer from Crohn’s disease and as a result have arthritis in my spine. This results in pain and stiffness on a regular basis. I have been visiting John Lange since 1995, he has kept me mobile and minimised my pain and stiffness. The practice has always been professional, friendly, helpful and supportive – I would highly recommend them. Thank you

Justine B, Chartered Tax Advisor, Solihull

I have been visiting Solihull Chiropractic Clinic since 1997 when I had severe back pain for several days.  I hobbled in and walked out!  After one or two follow up visits all was well.  Two years later I had a fall and damaged my right shoulder.  Several visits to the Clinic resulted in an excellent recovery which enabled me to continue playing tennis.  In 2007 I was in agony and hardly able to work.  As suggested by the Clinic, I had a scan, followed by a visit to a Consultant.  The outcome of which was a successful operation, which has enabled me to remain active and independent.  The alternative would have been life in a wheelchair!  I have always found everyone at the Clinic very helpful and friendly and I look forward to my routine six weekly visits.  I am now 84 and hope these regular visits will keep me mobile for a few more years.

Peggie S, Retired, Tanworth-in-Arden

‘I have been incredibly impressed by how quickly my back has improved. I have had exercises shown that strengthen my back and after five sessions I feel better than I have for years. Many thanks.’

Mark B, Director, Dorridge

I have been receiving treatment for almost seven years following a disc prolapse. During all this time I have experienced no major problems with my back. I now visit twice a year which I find exceptionally beneficial

Bryan W, Engineering Manager, Solihull

As someone who intermittently suffers acute lower back pain, I can vouch for the efficiency and courtesy of the professional and administrative staff at Solihull Chiropractic Clinic. Rarely do I need more than a couple of adjustments for mobility to be restored. I have frequently encouraged friends with similar problems to make an appointment

Malcolm O, Retired Company Director, Solihull

I find the treatment effective and the long lasting. The services provided are professional, friendly and accommodating. I would recommend Solihull Chiropractic Clinic.

Nasim D. Consultant, Birmingham

When I first came to the clinic I had a pretty chronic condition. My back was permanently stiff and uncomfortable; walking was at times difficult as was sleeping. After a few sessions John had sorted it all out – now I just come twice a year for an MOT – it’s great. Thank you.

Mark E, Student, Balsall Common.

Professional treatment carried out in a very friendly atmosphere.

Bryan G, Construction Manager, Sutton Coldfield.

Fantastic treatment by all of the staff. John has worked wonders on my back and neck. This has allowed me to carry on with my sport of motocross.

Nigel T. Plumber, Shirley